The Hummingbird - single earring

The Hummingbird Single Earring

A' Design Award and C-Idea Design Award Winner in 2021 - 2022

This earring was inspired by the innate elegance of Nature, the fascinating movement of its living beings and the amazing colors that they display. During my stay in California (USA, where I was attending the Jewelry Design & Technology course) I had the chance to see and admire this elegant and amazing creature in person for the first time in my life. What a wonderful, incredible animal! Not only did it embody exactly what I wanted to represent, but it had all the characteristics I look for in a jewel. So I could not help but dedicate a jewel to it. It is my way to show how human beings and animals can live together respecting and loving each other.

The main challenge was creating a jewel that could fit the human face with the shape and the size of an actual hummingbird, while maintaining all the beauty of the real bird.

It’s a great design because it has all the qualities that I think are fundamental to a quality piece of jewelry: the curved and elegant shapes, the color, and the fact that it’s unique and inimitable.

I submitted it for the Gemological Institute of America’s “Student’s Choice Award” and it won. I had the feeling that this stunning little bird could have flown much higher…so I also submitted it for The A’ Design Award and for the C-IDEA Design Award, two prestigious and international design competitions. It won both.


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