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My life has always been surrounded by art and gemstones.

I grew up at “Gioielleria Marinone” (Pavia, Italy), the jewelry store founded by my parents Anna Maria and Daniele in 1980. I spent years surrounded by love and encouragement in an environment rich in inspiration and creativity. There, I learned and improved my skills, and my lifelong passion for precious stones was born. 

I first studied Classics in High School, where I had the opportunity to internalize the wonderful ancient Latin and Greek history and culture. After graduating from University with honors in Modern Literature with a major in Modern Art, I moved to Milan to further pursue my passion for art and jewels.

I studied Gemology at the “Istituto Gemmologico Italiano,” of which I am a member, and I am a F.E.E.G. (Federation of Eropean Education in Gemology) gemologist since 2005. I am also a member of the “Associazione Italiana Gemmologi” (the only Institution recognized by the Italian government.). My continued curiosity and love for jewelry led me to first learn how to create models by carving wax by hand, and then to later also acquire bench jewelry skills. 

In 2021, I moved to Carlsbad (California, USA) where I completed the “Jewelry Design & Technology” Program at the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where I learned the latest state-of-art technologies in the field (CAD/CAM software) and where I was awarded the “Students’ Choice Award”.

I am now a member of the IAD (International Association of Designers).

Incorporating the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies in design and manufacturing, I provide my clients with superior technical expertise and practical skills, while also preserving the ties to classic Italian handcrafting traditions. 

My latest achievements:

A’ DESIGN AWARDS 2023-2024


I am proud to have won the prestigious Iron A’ Design Award in Jewelry Design with my work Kashmir Ring!.
This is my A’ Design Award Winner Certificate.
You can see my award-winning ring project here and learn more about the winning profile.
A' Design Award Winner Certificate



I will never stop learning and improving my skills to meet the expectations and needs of my clients