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Gemstones are magical. That is why I named this pendant after Morgan le Fay, the powerful sorceress from the legend of King Arthur. The Rock Crystal has metallic shimmering inclusions and you can see through it because it is transparent. So, it will take on any color that is underneath and you can match the jewel with any kind of outfit. Also, you can change the position of the pendant, as I have placed a jumpring at each corner of its back, through which the cords of the necklace (with a white gold clasp)  will pass .

Due to the very exceptional kind of stones, it is a unique piece, impossible to be replicated.

Jewelry Category

Main Stone Dimensions (mm)
35 x 24.5 x 8.25

Gemstone Type

Spinels (5.5 ct)
Rock Crystal with Oxide Inclusions (13.5g)

Metal Type
18 Kt White Gold (not rhodium-plated)

Pendant MORGANA. White Gold with Spinels and Rock Crystal with Oxide Inclusions.