Model IV: Disruption

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Muse Design and New York Design Awards Winner 2023

MODEL IV: Disruption

This bangle was inspired by the idea of disruption, which is linked to the concept of rebirth and renewal. The gemstone (a blue topaz), metaphorically representing the human being, is trying to emerge from the old, and escape from the limiting and suffocating beliefs in which we are still trapped, consciously or unconsciously.

During the disruption process, the old world is broken, and yet something beautiful comes into the world.

Right here and now, you can see it happening. “Model IV: Disruption” is a still image that captures the climax of what is happening.

The stone is indeed trapped in a “cloth” of gold, trying to escape to show the world its own beauty. With this effort, it tears it creating holes, however graceful and elegant.

The type of gemstone – the size of which is definitely unusual – that will be cut depends on the availability of the rough on the market*. It is made to order and customizable.

Jewelry Category

Main Stone Dimensions (mm)
30 x 25 x 11

Gemstone Type

Depends on market availability due to the unusual dimensions and on customer preferences*.

Metal Type
18 Kt Yellow Gold


NY Product Design Award Logo Silver

*The type of product requires specific customizations taking into account the requests from the customer, for which the product will therefore be specially custom made, see Terms and Conditions.