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Inspired by the Kashmir paisley motif, this ring reflects the vibrant fabrics of the Middle East, particularly India. I wanted to capture the magic and spiritual allure of India and embody the essence of a Kashmir shawl.

Although it falls into the “domed ring” category, I have strived to be distinctive and embody the essence of a “statement” ring.

Therefore, I carefully balanced positive and negative surfaces.

Complexity and simplicity had to share the same space, in a delicate balance. Despite its size, I designed it with an anatomical-like fit. It is a perfectly wearable and comfortable piece of jewelry for the modern woman*.

Jewelry Category

Dimensions (mm)                                             39,40 x 26,30 x 28,30

Gemstone Type*                                                   
Blue Sapphire (1,50ct), Imperial Topaz (0,85ct), colorless Diamonds (1,10ct), red Garnet.

Metal Type*                                                               18 Kt Yellow Gold

Kashmir ring, 18Kt yellow gold, blue sapphire, Imperial Topaz, Garnet, diamonds.

*This model is made to order and can also be customized with regards to gemstones and gold color preferences, under the advice of Eleonora Federici herself. See Terms and Conditions.