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I have always loved bright, deep colors, as I love all the four main elements. Fire is one of them, it hypnotizes you with wiggling movements, it conveys warmth and evokes ancient memories.

This design is meant to recall the Sun and its beams. The first model that you can see in the photos was built with a very rare orange tourmaline. Now you can have it on request with other colored stones*.

Overall Jewel Dimensions (approx.) in mm
33 x 34.5 x 34

Main Stone Dimensions (mm)
25 x 16 x 9.5

Gemstone Type

Depends on market availability due to the unusual dimensions, and on customer preferences.
Diamonds (0.31 ct)

Metal Type
18 Kt Yellow Gold


*The type of product requires specific customizations taking into account the requests from the customer, for which the product will therefore be specially custom made, see Terms and Conditions.