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It is no secret that nature and sinuous forms are fundamental elements in all of my designs.

“CALLA” encapsulates these two passions in a celebration of gems and pearls, harkening back to the lucky symbol of the cornucopia.

The pink Strombus Gigas mother-of-pearl is meticulously hand-carved, as is the gold component that allows the pendant to be incorporated into any type of necklace, from a gold chain to a string of pearls. Here, you can see it elegantly presented on a rare strand of Australian Keshi pearls, reminiscent of those mounted onto the “CALLA” itself, adorned with Rubies, Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, and Freshwater pearls.

Jewelry Category

Main Stone Dimensions (mm)

Gemstone Type

Rubies and Sapphires (13.7 ct)
Keshi Australian Pearls and Fresh Water Pearls (15.1ct)
“Strombus Gigas” Mother of Pearl

Metal Type
18 Kt Yellow Gold

Pendant Calla with Rubies and Sapphires, Keshi Australian Pearls and fresh water pearls, "Strombus Gigas" mother of pearl.