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Athena is the name of an ancient Greek goddess, known by Romans as Minerva. She is usually related to war. But she was not just that: she symbolized wisdom and handicraft. In fact the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens painted her in “Minerva protecting peace from Mars” in the act of protecting Peace and Earth from Mars, god of war.

This is the way I see her: brave, unique, beautiful. This ring, with its bold but serious look, conveys the idea of a strong, sophisticated woman. The Pink Tourmaline is enhanced by a setting which recalls the majesty of ancient buildings.

Jewelry Category

Main Stone Dimensions (mm)
22 x 15 x 7.8

Gemstone Type

Pink Tourmaline (31.58 ct)
Diamonds (0.27 ct)
Rubies (0.34 ct)

Metal Type
18 Kt Yellow Gold

Ring ATHENA. Yellow Gold with Pink Tourmaline, Diamonds, Rubies.